Published: April 4, 2022

Organization of Correction-Pedagogical Assistance for Children with Autism Special Diseases

1-4 Murodova Sarvigul

Mechanisms for Overcoming the Economic Crisis in the Country through Bank Credits

5-12 Norov Akmal Ruzimamatovich

The Role of Investment and Investment Loaning in the Development of the Country's Economy

13-19 Iroda Xusnitdinovna Kamilova

Hostile Acquisitions and Financial Methods to Counter them

20-27 Bekbaeva Feruza Baxtiyerova

Issues of Organization of Treasury Execution Account of Local Budget Expenditures

28-31 Nurmu khamedova Gulnoza, Sholdorov Dilshod

Study of the Process of Obtaining Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Monohydrate from Central Kyzylkum Phosphorites

32-35 Tursunov Bakhtiyor Chori's, Khodjamkulov Sakhomiddin Zoirovich, Hamidov Azim Panji's

Lexemes that Describe the Appearance and Qualities of People

36-39 Alimbekova Vazira Halimjonqizi

Methodology of Organizing Lessons for Primary School Technology Teacher with Paper and Carton

40-44 Umbarova Nasiba Kholboy's

The Study of the Historical Roots of the Art of Bakhshi by Means of Words and Music

45-47 Rakhmatullaev Humuyun Shafoatovich

Legal and Economic Mechanisms of Supporting the Development of Family Entrepreneurship

48-53 Azamat Usmanov

The Strong Influence of Music, Dance and Rhythm on the Psyche of Children Aged 3-7 Years. (Examples of Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classic, Ballet)

54-56 Azamova Umida

Methods of Using Developing Technologies in Preschool Education

57-59 Mahmudova Diyora

Pedagogical Problems of Training on the Basis of Modernization of Education

60-62 Nasriddinova Yulduz

Development of Professional Competence of Educators

63-65 Ruzibayeva Zarnigor

An Innovative Strategy Model Based on a Variable Approach to Preschool Education: An Example of the Experience of Foreign Education Systems

66-68 Sanginova Gulnoza

Pedagogical Features of the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Educational Process of Preschool Education

69-71 Sultonova Shaxnoza

Development of Intellectual Potential in Preschool Children

72-74 Xolmatova Gulyora

The Most Effective Methods for Developing Speaking Skill

75-82 Qurbonova Gulnoza Ahmadjon qizi

Functioning Principles and Main Activities of Multilateral Development Banks

83-86 Qulliyev Oxunjon Anvar o’g’li

Achieving Efficiency in Small Business and Entrepreneurship by Improving Food Security

87-92 Khuramova Khadicha Mamadovna