Future of Food


  • Matthew N. O. Sadiku Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Prairie View A&M University Prairie View, TX USA
  • Uwakwe C. Chukwu Department of Engineering Technology, South Carolina State University Orangeburg, SC, USA
  • Janet O. Sadiku Juliana King University Houston , TX, USA




food, future of food, trending issues


As the human population increases, the average income rises, standards of living are changing, and our environment is increasingly strained, the demand for food will continue to grow. By some estimates, there will likely be two billion more people to feed by 2050. The foods we eat are always evolving and new tastes are being created. The future of food is at stake. Business-as-usual is no longer an option. Something has to change. This paper predicts the changes that will take place and affect the future of food. It explores the major drivers affecting the food system between now and 2050.


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