We are Against Violence


  • Ismatullaeva Durdona Amandjonovna Teacher of Foreign Languages, Namangan Engineering - Construction Institute


Violent, against, a regular basis, manifestation, intended, strengthen, the offender’s, power, by humiliating, devaluing, victim, Hooliganism, various acts, to defend, discriminating, subjugating, educational settings, occurs, among peers, perpetrated, persists, peculiarities, asymmetric, psychological, strength, assistance, particular person, specific purpose


In short, we should start upbringing, first of all, in the family. As long as there is a healthy environment in the family, there will never be any bullying or violent children in this family. If we keep in mind that everyone in society has equal rights, and if we always have a sincere relationship with each other, we will prevent any unpleasant situations. This requires solidarity from all of us.


Article 2 of the Law “On Protection of Women from Oppression and Violence” adopted by the Legislative Chamber on August 17, 2019.

Methodical manual "Prevention and control of violence in schools"

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