The Most Important Issues of Teaching Literary Theory at School


  • Sh. Yarashov A doctor of philosophy (PhD) in philological sciences
  • Sh. Haydarov Student



It is one of the important tasks to comprehensively study the methodology, structure and composition of an artistic work, language, creative style, genre features, literary genre and artistic styles in general education schools. It should be said that the course of literary theory is very complex and diverse in terms of its structure and content. In secondary schools, a certain part of the theoretical issues of literature is taught, depending on the scope of understanding, skills and outlook of students, and their age, and it acquires a special importance as an introduction to the science of literature. Subjects related to the theory of literature are divided into two parts or levels and groups based on the curriculum in terms of content and essence. That is, the first level is simpler, and the second level is more complex.


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