Current Understanding of Breast Cancer Risk Factors


  • Khodjaeva Dilrukh lkhomovna Department Assistant Bukhara State Medical Institute Bukhara, Uzbekistan


breast cancer, risk factors


Resume. This publication provides an overview of domestic and foreign literature for the period from 2011 to 2020. Risk factors for the development of malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands were analyzed. The role of the following factors is considered: genetic, chronic inflammatory and hyperplastic diseases of the genitals, reproductive function, hormonal and metabolic disorders, frustrating situations, the presence of somatic pathology, ionizing radiation, and previous surgical trauma of the breast. The results of some cohort epidemiological studies of the influence of these factors (both individual and their combinations) on the development of breast cancer are presented. Keywords: ракbreastcancer, факторыrisk factors. Abstract. This review summarizes the factors of potential risk of breast cancer. Much attention was focused on genetic factor, chronic inflammatory and hyperplastic diseases of endometrium, reproductive function, hormonal and metabolic disorders, frustration, somatic pathology, ionizing radiation, before surgery. We discussed the results of some cohort and epidemiological studies of these risk factors (involvement either separate or the joint effect) in breast cancer development.


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