The Factor of Afghanistan in the Foreign Policy Strategy of Uzbekistan

Kholmatova Gavharshodbegim

Student, Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies

Mustapova Hilola

Supervisor teacher, Doctor of Philosophy in political science

Keywords: Taliban, the Termiz-Mazari-Sharif-Kabul-Karachi Trans-Asian railway, Central Asia, C5 1, a new foreign policy strategy, political realism


Afghanistan is a country of strategic importance for Uzbekistan, where Uzbekistan has both political and trade-economic interests. Taking into account that Afghanistan is a close and large market for Uzbekistan, attention is being paid to the issue of export in our country. Uzbekistan's developed industry, transport and energy potential, agricultural products are also beneficial for Afghanistan. In addition, the government of Uzbekistan pays special attention to establishing peace, stability and good neighborly relations with this country from the point of view of security. Diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan were established on October 13, 1992. By 2016, bilateral cooperation began to develop steadily. In January 2017, the first round of political consultations between the foreign ministries of the two countries took place in Tashkent. The appointment of the special representative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Afghanistan was an example of the high attention our country pays to bilateral relations.


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