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“By nature, all people are alike, but by Education become different.”
The implementation of National Education Policy 2020 needs the active participation of all stakeholders and a clear roadmap. With the roll out of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, India’s education system truly ushered into the 21st century. The last education reform had come in 1986, 34 years prior to this one. Thus, NEP 2020 is being hailed as the much necessary re-imagination of the Indian education system. However, the implementation of the policy needs the active participation of all stakeholders and a clear roadmap. In that light researcher tried to point out some features and limitations with the help of some suggestions.

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AHMED, A. ., VIJ, D. S. ., & QURESHI, S. . (2021). INDIAN EDUCATION POLICY 2020: A Road Map Towards Sustainable Development of India. International Journal of Culture and Modernity, 4(April). Retrieved from


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