Some Comments about the Word and its Meaning

Tursunova Nigora Komilovna

Master of the Uzbek-Finland Pedagogical Institute of Samarkand State University

Keywords: Lexicology, lexicon, word, lexical and grammatical meanings, uzual and contextual meanings, sema


This article discusses the word and its meanings, analyzes the definitions of the word in world and Uzbek linguistics, its different meanings. The word is our main tool in expressing our thoughts. Thoughts are expressed by words, and words are made up of words. Speech and words are inextricably linked, with a dialectical pattern between them. There are two sides to a word: the meaning of a word is the first side, and the second side is the sound side. Each word consists of the existence and balance of these two sides, which is its inner and outer side. The word is systematic and grammatically complete. In this sense, the word is the object of study of both lexicology and grammar.


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