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Formation of students' communicative competencies based on the integration of foreign languages and natural science

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Determining the learning context involves understanding the factors influencing it (physical parameters, teaching aids, participants, type of language course, time factor. The formulation of expectations by the teacher helps to reflect on their own pedagogical activities in teaching a foreign language.  Suggested components (language: linguistic skills, topics / situations, competencies, content; situations: assignments, speaking, reading, writing, listening, communicative functions, genre; learning process and learner: emotional goals, interpersonal skills, learning strategies; social context  : sociolinguistic, sociocultural, sociopolitical skills) allow the teacher to conceptualize the content of teaching a foreign language.  Diagnostics of the needs and needs of students is a systematic, constant process of collecting information about the needs, preferences, interests of students, their interpretation and generalization for subsequent inclusion in the goal-setting process.  The forms of collecting information are letters to the teacher, brainstorming, oral interviews, anonymous feedback, questionnaires, group discussions, conferences, etc.




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