Vol. 9 (2021): October

The Making and Development Process Free Economic Industrial Zones of Uzbekistan

U. O. Narzullayev
Independent researcher, Navoi State Pedagogical Institute Doctor of Philosophy in History (PhD Navoi, Uzbekistan

Published 2021-10-17


  • Uzbekistan,
  • economy,
  • free economic industrial zones,
  • free economic industrial zones of Uzbekistan,
  • Navoi region,
  • Navoiy Airport,
  • Navoi cargo center,
  • International Logistic of Navoi.
  • ...More

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Narzullayev, U. O. . (2021). The Making and Development Process Free Economic Industrial Zones of Uzbekistan. International Journal of Culture and Modernity, 9, 39–43. Retrieved from http://ijcm.academicjournal.io/index.php/ijcm/article/view/73


The article summarizes the socio-economic development of Uzbekistan at the outset of the Navoi region in the period of independence. Special attention is also paid to the problems of development of the Free Industrial Economic Zone "Navoi" in the conditions of economic reform


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