Vol. 4 (2021): April


Shri.Guru Ram Rai University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
H.N.B.G(Central)University B.G.R Campus Pauri, Uttarakhand-India
Competition Commission of India, Delhi-India

Published 2021-05-31

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AHMED, A. ., QURESHI, S. ., & NARGIS, S. . (2021). RURAL AGRICULTURE: A MIRROR TO ECONOMIC SUSTAINABLE GROWTH IN INDIA. International Journal of Culture and Modernity, 4(April). Retrieved from http://ijcm.academicjournal.io/index.php/ijcm/article/view/33


“If agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right. M. S. Swaminathan”
More than half of the population in the developing world is rural, and globally 1.3 billion (130 cr) people work in agriculture. Rural Agriculture is the backbone for any country's economic development, and it helps the economy to grow and sustain. Rural development is the axis of the economy involving the other factors of business in big way. There are basic needs in rural development for a sustainable future. Rural development is all about a process that seeks social change and sustainable economic development for the rural community´s ongoing progress. The goal is to improve their life quality and preserve the environment. Rural agriculture development is a topic which is easy to understand but hard to implement. It focuses upon the up-lift meant and development of the sections of rural economies, that experience grave poverty issues and effectively aims at developing their productivity. It also emphasizes the need to address various pressing issues of village economies that hinder growth and improve these areas. The basic aim of the paper is to analyze the conditions of rural agriculture with its economy and to study the issues & challenges of the villages. The paper aims to frame a strategic framework for the development of the rural agriculture to create a better tomorrow for India.


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